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Personalised Cellular Therapies Treatment – For specialised practitioners

Personalised Cellular Therapies, as a therapeutic technique, has a 20 year plus history. As Personalised Cellular Therapies treatments have evolved, so has the technology behind the enrichment of plasma.


At PRP rejuvenate we follow developments in the area very closely and we have always been at the forefront of regenerative biotherapies.

The team at PRP rejuvenate are comprised of clinicians, technicians, pharmacists, scientists and healthcare managers. The company was created to bring the most effective platelet-enriching technology to medical practices in the UK and Eire.

Our systems establish a new level or consistency in whole blood separation; delivering high and specifiable platelet yields with reproducible results. With one-button automation, it is fast and simple to operate, and produces Personalised Cellular Therapies in 17 minutes from insertion of the blood sample. The automated, closed system process is ideal for use in an outpatient environment, at the bedside, or in the operating theatre.

The Angel™ System uses sequential centrifugation to perform initial separation of whole blood into the red blood cells and plasma/platelet/white blood cell fractions followed by a fine-tune spin which delivers the required precise platelet concentration.

This is achieved with optical-sensor technology and automated valve switching. It accurately separates blood components using cell-specific light absorption to identify and increase cellular yields. Absorption of 930nm light detects erythrocytes (red cells), absorption of 470nm light detects platelets and leukocytes (white cells), and the 1300nm wavelength corrects for ambient light and detects presence of air bubbles.

The resulting fractions, Personalised Cellular Therapies, PPP and erythrocyte concentrate are delivered into separate sterile compartments without manual intervention.