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Personalised Cellular Therapies Treatment – For Patients

Your blood has powerful healing properties designed just for you. You take it for granted that blood clots – think back to a time that you grazed a knee or an elbow. Now medical experts can teach us so much more about using our blood to heal many different conditions.


Personalised Cellular Therapies have shown to be safe and efficient in promoting natural wound healing and rejuvenation.

Using traditional methods, injuries might have been treated with medication, physical therapy or even surgery. In contrast, a Personalised Cellular Therapies treatment can bring healing quickly. It carries less risk than some conventional treatments as it uses individual healing abilities.

Speed of treatment

Blood platelets are tiny disc-shaped particles. They take microscopic granules to damaged tissue. At the site of damage, they release enzymes and growth hormones to promote repair and regrowth.


To the naked eye, blood looks like a red liquid and nothing more. Under a microscope, the different cells are identified. Red Cells carry oxygen to the body’s cells and remove carbon dioxide. White Cells help the immune system to attack infections and foreign materials. Platelets are involved in the repair, replacement and regrowth of damaged tissue. Plasma is a fluid that transports blood components, provides a supply of proteins, and carries away cellular-level waste.


Because it is your blood, there are no problems of allergic reaction or rejection. This highly- effective medication from your body’s own resources can be administered to you within a very short time span.