Hair Loss

Concentrated Personalised Cellular Therapies are a new and exciting addition in the evolving field of hair restoration. Personalised Cellular Therapies are natural and poses no danger of allergic, hypersensitivity or foreign-body reactions. Derived from your own blood and is rich in Growth factors to accelerate healing and cell development.

Concentrated Personalised Cellular Therapies in hair transplantation and hair loss

Why use Concentrated Personalised Cellular Therapies in hair transplant procedures?


  • Concentrated Personalised Cellular Therapies is a new and exciting addition in the evolving field of hair restoration.
  • Personalised Cellular Therapies is used to accelerate healing, releasing concentrated growth factors, that stimulate the natural healing process at the site of each transplanted hair follicle.
  • Every platelet is a biochemical powerhouse of regulatory, signalling and growth-factor molecules that participate in the regeneration and healing of tissue

What is involved in the treatments for Hair growth

1-2-3 easy steps treatment

This specially created concentrated blood is injected into the area to be treated with special needles. The Personalised Cellular Therapies are delivered to a controlled depth to help the regeneration of new hair follicles.

  • Blood is taken from your arm and then put into the Angel™ or ACP centrifuge machine.
  • The spinning separates the blood into the fractions needed for treatments which include the enriched parts of the blood responsible for accelerating new growth.
  • The scalp area to be treated is anaesthetised using local anaesthetic

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biodynamic Personalised Cellular Therapies Hair Therapy Procedure?

A small sample of your own blood [approximately 60mls], is processed in a highly specialised, state of the art system, specifically designed to extract the Personalised Cellular Therapies in a safe, clinical manner and then the Personalised Cellular Therapies are injected or applied in combination therapies to the targeted areas.

What outcomes should I expect immediately following the procedure?

Slight swelling and redness may be present after the procedure, but this is normal and temporary, and your specialist surgeon will provide you with appropriate treatment and care.

Is there discomfort following the Personalised Cellular Therapies treatment?

Each person is unique and the response to intra-dermal injections will vary, though adverse reactions are rare. Your specialist may use a topical anaesthesia before injecting the concentrated Personalised Cellular Therapies. You may feel a ‘tingling’ sensation after the procedure and there may be redness, slight swelling and bruising. These symptoms will disappear.

How long will the procedure take?

The procedure will take from 30 mins to a few hours depending on the area.

What changes will I notice?

Personalised Cellular Therapies aid in the preservation and enhancement of hair follicle viability during and after hair transplantation and the reinvigoration of dormant hair follicles and stimulates new growth. Your hair texture will improve as new tissue cells grow and visible results may take 3-6 weeks. The results continue to improve over time months and last approximately 1 – 2 years. Best results are attained through 1 to 3 consecutive treatments.

We are all unique and so results will depend upon a number of factors including your overall health status, age, dietary variations, whether you smoke, as well as a number of other health factors, including your unique skin type.

Are there any contra-indications to the use of Personalised Cellular Therapies?

You must inform your specialist if you are taking medication, including blood thinning [anti-coagulant] medication, undergoing steroidal, or any long-term therapies.

Case Study Results: Hair Rejuvenation and Replacement Therapy with Personalised Cellular Therapies


From day 1 to the 10th week Shaun had this amazing quality of hair growth due to the Personalised Cellular Therapies being a true Personalised Cellular Therapies – 4-6 times the whole blood baseline platelet count.

Personalised Cellular Therapies systems which produce less than this platelet concentration of Personalised Cellular Therapies only provide enriched plasma and will not give your patient these results.

Before treatment

– thinning hair

Five weeks after one treatment

– hair is thicker

10 weeks after one treatment

– continued thickening