What is in a PRP injection?

Plasma is the fluid component of blood and makes up the majority of its volume. There are three types of blood cells in the plasma, red blood cells which carry oxygen, white blood cells which help fight infections, and platelets which are responsible blood clotting, scab formation, wound healing and repair. PRP is a plasma solution which contains about five times the concentration of the normal platelet level. After injury, platelets play a critical role in the healing response by releasing growth factors. Growth factors are a group of proteins that stimulate the growth of specific tissues. Many of these growth factors are thought to promote hair growth.

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Website: klnik.com

Address: The Colony, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 4LY, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Phone Number: 01625 362 200

Dr Rosh – CEO at KLNIK, GP and Entrepreneur


An experienced GP, cardiologist and aesthetics practitioner, Dr Rosh has spent more than 13 years’ working in medicine.

After graduating from Manchester University in 2004, Dr Rosh worked as a Junior Doctor at Wythenshawe Hospital before moving to the Cardiac MRI Research department at the Texas Heart Institute for his elective, where he worked alongside world-renowned Dr Scott Flamm.

During his placement in Texas, Dr Rosh carried out pioneering cardiac MRI research, published a book chapter and an article in Circulation, one of the world’s leading heart journals, and was offered a residency – which would have made him the youngest cardiologist in America – but turned it down to return to the UK.

Upon his return to UK, Dr Rosh spent three years as a senior house officer (SHO) at Wythenshawe Hospital before passing his Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP) exams.

More recently, Dr Rosh trained as a GP and now splits his time between working at a surgery in the Midlands and practising aesthetics and wellness.

As a successful entrepreneur, Dr Rosh utilises his strategic approach, problem-solving and team building skills to head up construction and property companies both in the UK and overseas.

In 2018, Dr Rosh launched KLNIK, based at The Colony in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Following a £4.5 million investment, Dr Rosh will lead a team of experienced medical professionals and aesthetic technicians at the luxury minimally-invasive clinic.

Having partnered with the world’s most reputable aesthetics companies, KLNIK will administer exclusive treatments to its members, establishing itself as the UK’s first Super Clinic outside of London.

Dr Rosh brings a wealth of academia to KLNIK, utilising his cardiology background to lead a research team at the University of Manchester.

Instrumental to the modern aesthetics industry, Dr Rosh is situated at the forefront of advanced practice, his expertise is often sought on current and future medical developments trends. His passion for science and medical aesthetics has seen him become a highly regarded figurehead, with a reputation for developing new skills, techniques and practices, that are renowned nationwide.

Proudly, Dr Rosh has been appointed by Merz Aesthetics, Lumenis and ARTAS as a Key Opinion Leader, the prestigious role will take him across the globe, personally developing other aesthetic practitioners and publishing training materials, continuing his drive for innovation.

Launching in February 2018, KLNIK is at the forefront of aesthetic research and wellness, delivering the most advanced procedures available in medicine today, under the leadership and vision of Dr Rosh.